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Our dogs and cats are important members of our families. They bring joy, laughter and comfort to our home. Unfortunately, they also bring a lot of unwanted dirt, pet hair and dander that builds up over time.

Why Is Pet Dander More Dangerous in Air Ducts

Why is Pet Dander More Dangerous in Air Ducts

For most pets, we've seen it before - we run our hands along their back to pet them and suddenly we have a handful of hair - YUCK! Especially during hot summer months, that hair can increase when it gets hot and our pets begin shedding excess hair.

In addition to the pet hair, outdoor pets especially, can bring in dirt that get's caught in their fur. People take showers, getting any excess dirt and dander off our bodies. Pets lay around on the carpet/floor where the dirt and dander fall. As we walk, vacuum, dust or do other normal activities, the hair, dander and dirt can become air borne and get sucked into our air ducts, where it becomes lodged in our duct work. Then, whenever the air conditioner or heater is turned on, the air passes through the ducts, spreading the debris back through the air in the home.

Get Rid of Pet Dander in Your Home's Ducts

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