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Mold, Mildew & Fungus Prevention in Baltimore & Columbia, MD

Mold, mildew & fungus remediation can be challenging tasks when it affects HVAC components such as ductwork and air handlers. So it's essential to prevent these contaminants from spreading further as soon as they are detected. Hydro Clean Duct Cleaning is the most trusted company for duct mold, mildew & fungus prevention services in Baltimore and Columbia, MD.

Hydro Clean Prevents Duct Mold, Mildew & Fungus Growth in Annapolis, MD

If you suspect a mold, mildew & fungus infestation, the experts at Hydro Clean Duct Cleaning can diagnose any problem and then recommend what steps should be taken. Tips for HVAC system mold, mildew & fungus prevention include:

Mold, Mildew & Fungus Prevention

Maintain drain pans: Clean regularly and make sure they are sloped to effectively drain, or standing water will encourage microbe and other growth.

Regularly replace air filters: Change monthly to remove trapped mold spores or other contaminants, so they don't accumulate in your HVAC system.

Apply an HVAC mold inhibitor: Environmental Protection Agency-registered, HVAC-approved mold inhibitors (or vent fogger) can prevent mold, mildew & fungus growth in your HVAC system. Contact Hydro Clean to have vent foggers installed.

Use a disinfectant: Before using a mold inhibitor, disinfect your HVAC system. Look for an EPA-approved disinfectant labeled for HVAC use or contact us.

Keep ducts dry: Mold needs moisture to grow, so have water damaged or leaking components in your HVAC system inspected, fixed or replaced.

Check air intake: Keep the path of air flowing to intakes clear of contaminants, moisture, dirty surfaces, a pet's favorite area, etc. Unwanted matter can flow into your HVAC.

Trust Hydro Clean Duct Cleaning For Mold & Mildew Prevention in Baltimore, Maryland

For more than 30 years, Hydro Clean has provided customers with cleaning services in Baltimore, Annapolis and Columbia, MD, including superior mold, mildew & fungus prevention, vent fogging, duct cleaning, floor cleaning, and furniture cleaning services. We clean and restore carpets, draperies, tile & grout, and more. Hydro Clean features:

  • Licensed & background-checked professionals
  • Certified air systems cleaning specialist
  • 30 years experience
  • Locally owned and operated

Need your vents fogged or air ducts cleaned? Contact Hydro Clean today by calling 410-904-6757 to learn more about our mold, mildew & fungus prevention services in Annapolis Junction, Burtonsville, Churchville, Damascus, Elkridge, and throughout Baltimore and Columbia, MD.

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