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Sealing Leaky Ductwork in Maryland

Air ducts play a major role in keeping your home temperature comfortable. However, if there is a leak in the duct system then it might disrupt the process. Moreover, it would not effectively cool down or heat your room. To ensure its optimal performance you should rely on experts to seal the ductwork.

Whether it's just a leak from normal wear and tear or something serious, you can trust Hydro Clean Duct Cleaning's expert to solve these issues effectively. We have more than 36 years of experience in duct sealing or solving duct issues. Contact us now to solve your duct issues now.

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What Makes Your Ductwork to Leak?

Neglecting the maintenance of your ductwork system can lead to leaks or poor condition. The same goes for the old ductwork system. However, some other issues contribute to this problem. That includes:

  • Corrosion
  • Dirty Filter
  • High Pressure
  • Vibration
  • Improper Installation
  • Temperature Fluctuation
  • Inadequate Sealing

Whatever the cause is, you should rely on a certified specialist, otherwise it would lead to inadequate duct sealing. This will not do any good to you, except for wasting your money.

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Problem with a Leaky Duct System

One of the major problems with a leaky duct system is its poor heating or cooling system. It would take much longer time to cool down or make the room warm. It also causes uneven heating or cooling systems. This leads to high electricity bills for you. Additionally, it makes the maintenance routine annoying as well. Because, the leaks act like vacuums and suck dust, insulation fiber, and mold spores from the crawlspace or attics and spread them to the home.

These leaks sometimes trap dirt and dust as well. This makes you clean the duct system frequently, plus it leaves your place at risk of mold growth. The dust can also cause allergen issues to you while degrading the air quality. Thus, you need to get rid of this issue as early as possible.

Seal Your Duct with Our Professionals

It's important to seal your duct system through a professional. They will ensure proper sealing that will solve all the issues you might face with a leaky duct system. Moreover, it offers benefits like:

  • Optimize Heating & Cooling System
  • Energy Saving
  • Ensures Healthier Indoor Air
  • Extends HVAC Lifespan
  • Reduces Noise
  • Prevents Moisture
  • Increases Resale Value

Aeroseal Duct Sealing for Leaky Duct

At Hydro Clean Duct Cleaning, we use an Aeroseal sealing system for your ductwork. It's a popular and effective way to seal the leaks in your air duct system. It provides better ventilation and full comfort to you. Moreover, This solution is more effective and provides long-lasting solutions, compared to many manual duct sealing solutions. On another note, this solution takes less time to seal. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to seal. This causes minimal disruption to your work.

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Other Types of Duct Sealing Solutions We Provide

Whether it's residential duct sealing or commercial duct sealing that you need, you can trust Hydro Clean Duct Cleaning for the solution. We offer multiple types of specialized duct sealing solutions to meet your specific needs. Our solution will also provide you with a long-lasting solution. The duct sealing type includes:

  • Flex duct
  • Rigid ductwork
  • Sheet metal ducts
  • Fiberglass lined ducts
  • Fiberboard ducts

Seal Your Leaky Duct System with Us!

Whether it's a new duct system or an old one, you can rely on our experts to seal the system effectively. Even your new duct system can have issues like duct leaks. Any damage during installation, defective materials, or poor installation leads to these issues with your new duct. Whatever the case is, you can rely on our experts without worrying about the results. We will ensure that the work is done properly. Just let us know your issues.

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What to Do if You Suspect a Leak in Your Duct System?

Contact an Expert: If you suspect any leak in your duct system the first thing you should do is contact licensed and certified professionals.

Schedule an Inspection: After that schedule an inspection appointment with them. They will inspect the whole system along with identifying other duct issues.

Seal: If they find any issues with your duct system they will seal it with an effective and appropriate sealing solution.

Rely on Us for Your Lealky Duct!

Enjoy the whole season without having any duct issues. Our experts are here in Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Arnold, or elsewhere within our Maryland service area helping people with their duct issues. No matter what issues you have with your duct system, we are here to help you with the solution. Our experts maintain clear communication with our customers.

We take every work with responsibility and seriousness. We ensure that it is done properly, and you can live the whole season worry-free. If you suspect any duct issues or need duct sealing, we are here to help you with that. Just call 410-904-6757 and ensure your peace of mind with us. You can also contact us now to book an appointment with us.

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