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Sealing Types for Duct Services in Baltimore & Columbia, MD

To maintain a normal and comfortable environment a HVAC system plays a vital role. Good duct contributes to its benefits. But, any problem in the channel can turn the situation upside down. One of the issues in this part of the HVAC system is leaks. Since this matter can be settled easily by duct sealing, there's nothing to worry about. However, choosing the wrong sealing types can make the situation complicated.

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Types of Duct Sealing

There are different types of duct sealing. The basic work of all of them is the same but according to the situation and severity of the defect, a particular one would be more feasible and preferable over the others. Let's check out that.

Aluminum Foil Tape

At any hardware shop, you can find this duct seal type available. For the minor, tiny, and temporary fixes, it's of good use. Remember, regarding the high temperature issue the treatment by it isn't supposed to be long-lasting.


Considering this as the best duct sealing won't be wrong considering several points. Because it can cover the leakage in the ducts quite efficiently. Aeroseal reduces energy usage use by almost one-third. Radon mitigation, healthier air quality, etc. are Aeroseal duct seal benefits.

Mastic Duct Sealant

It is a thick durable and reliable duct sealing that you can rely on. Cleanup of this water-based seal is also convenient. Mastic Duct Sealant can be taken as a permanent measure for duct sealing.

Apart from these types, there are other kinds such as Latex Sealant, Butyl Tape, Duct Wrap, Metalized Duct Tape, etc. But, you must choose the relevant one for your duct sealing. Youn can talk to an expert in this context.

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How to Choose the Duct Sealing?

The expected outcomes of efficient duct cleaning will only be ensured by perfect duct sealing. For choosing the duct sealing the user should consider the below matters.

  • How big is the leak in the duct
  • Whether professional help or a DIY method is applied for duct sealing
  • Targeted and expected efficiency
  • How accessible is the defective place
  • Material of the duct
  • Budget is also a considerable factor

Results of Using the Wrong Duct Sealing

Picking the wrong or bad duct sealing will no way help to overcome the leakage problem in the duct. Rather the ineffective sealing will let the leak to persist. Gradually that will cause defects in the duct followed by serious damage. A faulty duct won't retain good air quality, rather degrades that. Other results of that would be strange noise and higher energy costs. The moisture issue occurring from that will create further adverse scenarios like property damage, mold growth, and different health issues.

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A duct system not only ensures comfort in the indoor environment but also the safety of the residents. Hydro Clean Duct Cleaning has decades of experience since 1986. We own the proper equipment and chemicals to finish our tasks efficiently. You can rely on factory-trained technicians for the restoration of the comfort and integrity of your property. To get our professional support for both residential and commercial premises in AbingdonArnoldAnnapolis, and other service areas across Maryland call us today at 410-904-6757. You can also send a service request online by filling up the form. We also work for duct insulation and duct work repair.

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